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Disconnect a member from a conference

This method lets you disconnect a member in a conference. When the member is disconnected, the next action to be performed depends on the next element in the XML.

API Endpoint


Here’s an example. If the XML code below starts the conference, Plivo will play the text in the <Speak> tag after the member is disconnected.

    <Conference enterSound="beep:1">MyConference</Conference>
    <Speak>You have been disconnected from the conference</Speak>

The member_id attribute that’s passed in the URL can be either a member_id or the string all. In the latter case, the disconnect action is performed on all members of the conference.


No arguments need to be passed.


Returns an acknowledgement that the member has been disconnected from the conference.


HTTP Status Code: 202

  "message": "kicked",
  "member_id": "10",
  "api_id": "2867b6e2-58c3-11e1-86da-adf28403fe48"