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Multiparty call Beta

A multiparty call (MPC) allows multiple users with specific roles to dial into a single call. While conferences also allow multiple users to join a single call, multiparty calls are better suited for call centers or sales dialer use cases such as:

  • Assigning a specific role to each call participant — agent, customer, or supervisor.
  • Discreetly allowing supervisors to coach agents without being heard by customers. Check our Supervisor coaching guide for more information.
  • Dialing members out of the MPC using API requests.
  • Transferring calls into an MPC with a single API request.

For traditional “meeting” use cases where more participants may need to be connected, please checkout our conference offering.

An MPC can be initiated using either Add a Participant API or MPC XML with one or more participants. Also, participants can be added to an existing/ongoing MPC using the Add a Participant API or MPC XML.

Note: To initiate an MPC, at least 1 participant should be added to the call.

API Endpoint

Note: In all APIs related to MPC, you can use mpc_uuid instead of mpc_name — for example,{auth_id}/MultiPartyCall/uuid_{mpc_uuid}/