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The verified caller ID object

The verified caller ID object is used to authenticate numbers with Plivo before using them to make API and Dial XML calls. It enables you to verify and manage caller IDs with Plivo.


verification_uuid string

The unique identifier generated when a VerifiedCallerId object is created

alias string

The alias name associated with the verified caller ID

phone_number string

The phone number (in E.164 format) for verification. Once verified, this phone number can be used as Calling Line Identification (CLI)

country string

The two-digit ISO country code of the phone number.

channel string

The approach for obtaining the four-digit One-Time Password (OTP) for phone number verification.

Possible options:

  • sms: An SMS containing the OTP will be dispatched to the phone number.
  • call: A phone call will be placed to the phone number, delivering the OTP message.
  • Default: sms
created_at string

The time (in UTC) when the verification request is first created for a verified number

modified_at string

The time (in UTC) when the phone number verification object was last modified.

otp string

The four-digit code sent to the phone number for verification.
Once created, an OTP is valid for 15 mins.

subaccount string

The sub-account Auth ID for which the number is being verified.
Only main-account credentials can be used to update this parameter.

If sub-account credentials are used, this defaults to the same sub-account.


  "alias": "US Mainland",
  "api_id": "870e2ded-58b0-41bc-8c1c-ba00c6a90741",
  "channel": "",
  "country": "US",
  "created_at": "2024-02-09T03:52:22.880097813Z",
  "phone_number": "+12025551XXX",
  "verification_uuid": "f87836bd-f3c0-41bb-9498-125e6faaa4d4"