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The Wait element

The Wait element waits silently for a specified number of seconds. If <Wait> is the first element in a XML document, Plivo will wait the specified number of seconds before picking up the call.


length integer

Time to wait in seconds

Allowed values: integer greater than 0
Defaults to 1.


If silence is set to true, if no voice or sound is detected for minSilence milliseconds, Plivo will end the wait and continue to the next element in the XML code immediately (effectively cutting the wait for length seconds short).

If silence is set to false, Plivo will wait for the full period of length seconds, regardless of the presence of sound or voice or the value of minSilence.

Allowed values: true or false
Defaults to false.

minSilence integer

The minimum length in milliseconds of silence that needs to be present to qualify as silence.

Only used when silence is set to true. Note that the duration of length needs to be greater than the duration of minSilence for this attribute to work as expected.

Allowed values: integer > 0
Defaults to 2,000.

beep boolean

Used to detect a voicemail machine, so an application can leave voicemail messages. Only used when silence and minSilence are false.

Allowed values: true, false
Defaults to false.