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The Recording object


add_time string

The datetime string on which the recording was created on the account.

call_uuid string

The identifier of the call that was recorded.

conference_name string

The name of the conference that was recorded. If it was not a conference, then the value will be null.

recording_duration_ms string

The duration of the recording in milliseconds.

recording_format string

The format of the recording file.

Allowed values: wav, mp3

recording_id string

The ID of the recording.

recording_type string

The type of call on which the recording was made.

Allowed values: conference (a conference call), normal (a regular call)

recording_url string

The URL where the recording can be accessed


The time in days for which the recording is stored.

Increments by one after 24 hours from the recording add time.

Minimum value: 1


The rounded duration of recording in seconds.

Plivo rounds the recording duration to the nearest 60-second interval. Recordings of less than 60 seconds duration are rounded up to 60 seconds.


The unit cost of storing the recording per month.


The monthly amount incurred in the latest billing cycyle to store a recording.


  "add_time": "2020-08-05 16:15:15.852059+05:30",
  "api_id": "7abf0744-1ca0-11e4-a2d1-22000ac5040c",
  "call_uuid": "c2c128e2-1c8c-11e4-9bff-1db8a9db0432",
  "conference_name": "noname",
  "recording_duration_ms": "345100.00000", // duration in milliseconds
  "recording_end_ms": "1407235509007.00000", // milliseconds since epoch
  "recording_format": "mp3",
  "recording_id": "c2186400-1c8c-11e4-a664-0026b945b52x",
  "recording_start_ms": "1407235163907.00000", // milliseconds since epoch
  "recording_type": "conference",
  "recording_url": "",
  "resource_uri": "/v1/Account/MA2025RK4E639VJFZAGV/Recording/c2186400-1c8c-11e4-a664-0026b945b52x/",
  "recording_storage_duration": "723",
  "rounded_recording_duration": "3456",
  "recording_storage_rate": "0.0004",
  "monthly_recording_storage_amount": "0.02304"