You must have a Plivo phone number if you wish to receive calls. You can rent a Plivo phone number in more than 60 countries from Phone Numbers > Buy Numbers on the Plivo console.

Renting a phone number

To rent a phone number:

  1. In the Plivo console, click on Phone Numbers > Buy Numbers. Specify filters for type and capability, and/or number characteristics for location, rate center, or LATA, then click Search. Plivo will display a list of all available phone numbers.
  2. Search Number

  3. Click Buy Number next to the phone number of your choice. Buy Number

  4. On the Buy Number pop-up, review the information, then click Buy Number & Continue. Buy Number Screen

The number will be added to your account, and the monthly fee for the current month will be deducted from the credits in your account.

Phone number fees

Phone numbers are charged three kinds of fees:

  • Setup fee: A one-time fee charged at the time of purchase for setting up, configuring, and provisioning a number with our carriers.
  • Monthly rental fee: The monthly fee for renting the phone number, which is charged whether the number is used or not.
  • Usage fees: Fees for using the phone number. The amount depends on the number of SMS messages and voice calling minutes you use.