Pipedream is an integration platform that lets you build and run workflows that integrate applications and data. You can connect Pipedream’s Plivo integration with other applications to create workflows and send SMS messages when triggered.

To start using Plivo with Pipedream, you’ll need

  1. A Pipedream account
  2. Your Plivo Auth ID and Auth Token: You can find your Plivo Auth ID and Auth Token on the overview page of the Plivo console. Find Your Auth Credentials on Plivo Console
  3. A Plivo Number (optional): You must have an SMS-enabled Plivo phone number to send SMS messages to numbers in the US and Canada. Purchase numbers from the Phone Numbers page of the Plivo console, or by using the PhoneNumber API. Buy a New Plivo Number

Send an SMS message

You can create a workflow and add Plivo as a step to send SMS messages for various events by using the Send an SMS action.

Send SMS using Plivo SMS API