Programmatically interact with your customers globally over SMS using the Plivo SMS Platform.

  • You can programmatically send and receive SMS messages across the world.
  • Our direct carrier connections and optimized routing ensure high SMS delivery rates and low latency.
  • Competitive pricing from the start. Simple usage-based pricing means you pay only for what you use.
  • Enable your app with SMS in minutes with ready-to-use templates and Getting Started guides.

Life of an outbound SMS message

Life of an outbound SMS

  1. Your application uses Plivo’s Send SMS API to send an SMS message.
  2. Plivo’s SMS Platform sends the message to local carriers.
  3. The message travels across telecom networks and is delivered to the destination phone number.
  4. Once the message is delivered, the carrier receives the delivery report.
  5. The carrier sends the delivery report to the Plivo SMS Platform.
  6. Plivo then sends the delivery report to your application.

Life of an inbound SMS message

Life of an inbound SMS

Incoming messages travel the exact opposite path of outgoing messages.

  1. They originate at the mobile handset and move through telecom networks to arrive at Plivo’s carrier partner.
  2. The carrier sends the message to Plivo’s SMS Platform.
  3. Plivo looks up the application associated with the destination phone number and forwards the message to the web service endpoint configured on the application.