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Get details of all verification requests

Use this API to get the statuses of all the toll-free number verification requests initiated from your Plivo account.


Query parameters:


A single toll-free number.


A single toll-free verification status.


A single profile_uuid


Filters records based on verification request creation date. The input is expected in YYYY-MM-DD format. This can be combined to create boundary search conditions based on date.

created__gt: gt stands for greater than. Filters all records after the specified time.
created__gte: gte stands for greater than or equal. Use this to get all records that were created after or exactly on the mentioned date/time.
created__lt: lt stands for less than. Filters all records before the specified time.
created__lte: lte stands for less than or equal. Use this to get all records that were created before or exactly on the mentioned date/time.

The default search window is seven days.

The maximum search window is 30 days.


One or more use-cases in comma-separated format. This is an exact search.

If you enter one use case, Plivo returns the response where you have entered only one use case on the verification request.

If you enter multiple use cases (comma separated), Plivo returns only those orders where this combination of use cases was entered to begin with.


A limit on the number of responses to be returned. The limit can range between one and 20, and the default is 20.


A pagination cursor to denote the number of objects by which the results should be offset.


HTTP Status code - 200

   "api_id": "c2b5a6ec-81ff-11ee-9447-0242ac110002",
   "meta": {
       "limit": 20,
       "next": null,
       "offset": 0,
       "previous": null,
       "total_count": 2
   "objects": [
           "additional_information": "Privacy policy:",
           "callback_url": "",
           "created": "2023-11-13T08:35:46.024584Z",
           "error_message": "",
           "extra_data": "",
           "last_modified": "2023-11-13T08:35:46.024543Z",
           "message_sample": "You have successfully updated the password for the Plivo account with email -",
           "number": "18884353XXX",
           "optin_image_url": "",
           "optin_type": "WEB_FORM",
           "profile_uuid": "bd781875-24f8-4f51-8472-85e697db24d8",
           "status": "SUBMITTED",
           "usecase": "ACCOUNT_NOTIFICATION",
           "usecase_summary": "We send account notifications to customers whenever they change the password for their account.",
           "uuid": "4bfde431-5317-43cc-644a-2b41e2af4e16",
           "volume": "10,000"
           "additional_information": "Privacy policy:",
           "callback_url": "",
           "created": "2023-11-07T14:47:00.761439Z",
           "error_message": "",
           "extra_data": "Ticket 1",
           "last_modified": "2023-11-07T14:47:00.761412Z",
           "message_sample": "Your Plivo verification code is xxxx.",
           "number": "18664892XXX",
           "optin_image_url": "",
           "optin_type": "WEB_FORM",
           "profile_uuid": "bd781875-24f8-4f51-8472-85e697db24d8",
           "status": "SUBMITTED",
           "usecase": "2FA",
           "usecase_summary": "We send 2FA codes to customers when they sign up.",
           "uuid": "7f4b4d49-8d3f-422c-4f3d-5b0166223a4b",
           "volume": "100"