To start using the Plivo Integromat integration, you need:

Supported triggers

You can use these triggers to trigger your scenario on Integromat:

  • SMS Received: Trigger gets activated for every new SMS that is received (supports webhooks as instant triggers)
  • Call Received: Trigger gets activated for every new incoming call (supports webhooks as instant triggers)
  • New Recording Added: Trigger gets activated for every new recording that’s added to your account

Supported actions

You can perform these Plivo-powered actions on Integromat:

  • Send SMS: Send an SMS message to any phone number
  • Make call and speak text: Make a call to any phone number and speak specified text
  • Make call and play audio: Make a call to any phone number and play an audio file
  • Respond to incoming call: Respond to an incoming call by returning Plivo XML

If you’re using a Plivo trial account, you can send messages and make calls only to verified sandboxed numbers.

Sample workflows

Here are a few sample workflows that you can build using this integration:

  • Get SMS notifications on your phone number
  • Send SMS reminders and alerts to your customers
  • Run a live SMS poll
  • Send SMS and voice OTPs to verify your users
  • Forward an incoming call to your personal phone number
  • Build an interactive voice response (IVR) system that can take orders or check an order status

A few more details

  • Instant triggers use webhooks internally and are auto-assigned to the Plivo number you select while setting up the workflow. Any other Plivo application that was assigned to that number previously will be removed.
  • If you need multiple numbers to trigger the same scenario on Integromat, assign all those numbers to the Plivo application that’s auto-created by Integromat.
  • You cannot have instant SMS and instant call set up simultaneously on a single Plivo number by default. However, you can achieve this by manually changing the webhook URLs — which is recommended only for advanced users.

Report any feedback or problems with this integration by contacting the Plivo support team.

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